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Q. How long has Stratus Building Solutions been in business in Colorado Springs?
A. Stratus Building Solutions of Southern Colorado opened its doors in November, 2006. We acquired the Pueblo territory in late 2009.

Q. What types of facilities does Stratus provide cleaning services for?
A. Stratus provides superior cleaning services for office, academic, medical, commercial, industrial, multi-family and professional facilities.

Q. What makes Stratus different from other cleaning companies?
A. Stratus employs a “Franchise Model” where its cleaning people actually own their own company. This provides a much higher level of income opportunity since the franchisee can employ workers that will earn money for them.

Q. What kind of training do you provide for your franchisees?
A. Each franchise owner is provided a comprehensive training program that includes office, restroom, hard floor, carpet, safety, and cleaning for health. This gives our franchisees the confidence they need on their very first job. Any time a franchisee needs additional training, we provide it to them.

Q. What does a franchise cost?
A. We have 16 different franchise plans to fit any budget. Each plan guarantees you an amount of recurring business. Our smallest franchise can be purchased with only $950 down with monthly payments that will be deducted from gross earnings. There is also an “Equipment Supply Starter Kit” that the franchisee must purchase.

Q. How can I grow my business if I start with a small franchise?
A. We offer three ways that you can grow your business. The easiest way is to purchase new accounts with our Account Acquisition Program. You can also sell your own accounts, and earn business by referring other franchisees to us. We have a franchise owner who started with our smallest franchise and in two years was billing over $27,000 per month.

Q. Are there any guarantees that I will be successful?
A. We actually guarantee to offer you the level of business according to the size of your franchise within a short time frame. If we fail to live up to our obligation, you would be eligible for a refund! No other business opportunity offers a guarantee like this!

Q. Would I have to quit my present job in order to get started?
A. Almost every account is cleaned in the evening hours leaving your days free to continue your present job. When your business grows to a point that allows you to leave your job, you can do so.

Q. What services does Stratus Building Solutions provide for their franchisees?
A. Stratus Building Solutions does all your billing and collecting for you. Stratus also provides your business insurance, your customer service, and your quality control. So most of the duties that owning a business requires is done for you. A small monthly fee is charged for these services.

Q. What are the amounts of insurance that you provide?
A. We provide $2,000,000 liability, $500,000 per incident workers comp. and a $50,000 security bond on you and each of your employees. There is a small cost for this coverage, but since we are a large national company, the cost is a lot less than it would be if you purchased this coverage on your own.

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