Testimonials from our franchisees

Here are the words of some of our own franchise owners right here in Colorado Springs. Find out what a Stratus franchise can mean for you.

I checked out many different business opportunities for some time, including Stratus, and decided that becoming a Stratus Franchisee was a great opportunity. This was a business that I could actually do myself with very little start-up cost. The staff is very knowledgeable and supportive, always just a phone call away. I encourage anyone who is looking to start a business of their own to give Stratus a call.
Valarie Ware, Colorado Springs

My experience with Stratus Building Solutions has been very good. Stratus worked fast to provide the accounts promised. I recovered my start-up costs within the first 6 months. The staff at Stratus is always quick to provide assistance with any problem I have. I am happy with my decision to start a Stratus franchise. Our customers are so pleased with the service that they have referred our franchise to other businesses. This resulted in more work than I ever could have expected. It’s a Win – Win!
David Pritchett, Colorado Springs, CO

I came to Stratus after owning a franchise with another cleaning company here in Colorado Springs. The difference is astounding! The training was much more in depth, and the growth rate was much faster! I bought a small franchise, but after only two months I already had $60,000 in annual business. I never expected to grow that fast! The people are great, they treat you right, and I’m looking forward to growing my business way beyond what I expected!
Mike Robinson, Colorado Springs, CO

My name is Frank Rojas. After 10 years of searching for a good business opportunity, I decided to buy a Stratus cleaning franchisee. It was my hope that I would grow quickly and start making money right away. In my very first month Stratus gave me four accounts which was much faster than I expected. Stratus many times complimented me for the job I was doing which made me feel very good about my decision. Because of the way the folks at Stratus treat me, I have a sincere desire to do the very best job I can. I will continue to work hard to achieve my goals and with Stratus’ help, I’m sure I can. I am convinced that Stratus is the best place to succeed in the cleaning business.
Francisco Rojas, Colorado Springs, CO

I started my franchise with Stratus in May of 2009. I was able to start my franchise while I was working a full time job. Stratus was able to fulfill my franchise in less than two months time. Since that time, I’ve been able to quit my full time job, and in the last month I have been offered several new accounts which has doubled the original size of my franchise. I’m looking forward to expanding my franchise in the future with even more new accounts. I’m also looking forward to hiring and training employees, which will help me grow even bigger.
Matthew Campbell, Colorado Springs, CO

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